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Kate Wilamska, LCSW, CT
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 Welcome to Healing Our Losses
When someone close to us leaves or dies, we could feel hurt, abandoned, lonely. If the relationship with the person who is now gone was complex, we may need to take care of any unfinished business before we move on with our lives. Even if there was no ambivalence about the loved one who passed away, we may need to process our bereavement to make sense of what happened and to find meaning. And if the circumstances of death were unusual (sudden or tragic) or if we lost a loved one to suicide, such loss will definitely change the way we look at ourselves, the world and the future.
The loss brings pain, but also an opportunity: to grow, to mature and to become better friends with ourselves. I will be honored to be your bereavement counselor and to witness your journey through grief.
My Philosophy
I believe in human healing potential. I know that when bad things happen to good people it is too easy to forget all about what we stand for, who we are and how we used to care about ourselves and others. And even while grieving we still have it: the ability to be compassionate, the gift of being grateful and the innocence to trust that the things will work out. But in grief, sometimes hope hides from us, so it is my job to hold it up for you until you will recall and embrace your true self, so your life without your loved one will be again possible.
Healing Our Losses