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Bereavement counseling and grief therapy after loss
I have worked with diversified clients dealing with variety of losses including individuals who witnessed violent crimes, parents of children who died at various ages, as well as these who lost loved ones to suicide or experienced multiple losses. Discreet services to first responders (medical personnel, police and firefighters) provide relief from what they are exposed to in the line of duty before the emotional build up spills into home life and ruins relationships.
I also offer support for unrecognized grief. Such are the cases of bereavement following loss of an unborn child, death of a friend, co-worker, lover or a pet. A marital betrayal and divorce are earth-shattering events, yet carry a stigma which could wreak havoc in their lives especially when clients are not able to find support.

Although "talk therapy" is the most sought after, many clients find it very helpful to process their difficulties non-verbal using Art Therapy or Music Imagery. Clients with particularly difficult experiences may need a combination of various modalities. For traumatic experiences I utilize EMDR and IADC.
Small weekend group outings for pre-screened individuals at great locations in Wisconsin or Michigan (within 4 hour drive from Chicago) offer plenty of time for sleep, nutritious food, walks in nature, 2-3 group therapy sessions per day and an opportunity to just get away from the daily grind and practice self-care.
Offered fall, winter and spring.
If interested, please contact me for details.
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