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Various factors contribute to how well clients will do in therapy. Before creating a treatment plan I assess clients' strengths and needs, review their internal resources and external support. If needed, I teach coping skills and make suggestions for self-care, but we start with recognition of what client is already doing well.

In depth review of one's past is not always necessary, although, in fact, depression and anxiety, or substance abuse are quite often side-effects of an old, unresolved trauma or grief. Whether my clients prefer solution-focused therapy, DBT, CBT or REBT, they are always in control of the path we take together.
The first session is longer due to gathering of the background information and the initial assessment process. Usually, the first session takes 80 minutes. Subsequent sessions are 50 minutes long.
I make a full commitment to my clients to refer them out if their problem will be better addressed by another professional or an approach.
Although I work with many insurance carriers (including Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance), please be aware that I am not in some of the HMO networks. Also, due to the mandatory health insurance coverage some clients will discover that their high deductibles require full price payment to the therapist before the insurance will start to pay its portion of the fee. Therefore, these details must be discussed beforehand and the payment for the services is expected at the beginning of each session.
For the cash clients the initial session fee is $150 and subsequent sessions $100.
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